Unlock your rental
with Keybot.

Self-showings & long-term access
for your real estate properties.

Hire Keybot

Keybot helps you automate rental access.


Keybot can let renters tour without you by simply texting him a phone number.

Renter Access

Keybot has keycodes for renters, no losing keys or rekeying needed.

Maintenance Access

Keybot can let in repair staff with temporary codes to get work done.

Hire Keybot to unlock free time.

Get awesome automation and a free custom keypad lock with every subscription.

$120per lock + $29 for shipping

What's included:

  • Renter self-showings
  • Permanant Owner & Renter codes
  • Temporary codes for repairs
  • API access $0.99/mo per lock
Keybot lock features:
  • Easy setup & install
  • No Wifi or 3G needed
  • Rekey in seconds via bluetooth
  • Bluetooth & NFC ready
Have many properties?

We do have volume pricing and additional features for large property investors!

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